• August 25, 2021
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Wireless iSmart Panel

TheHDL-MPE04-RF.18 iSmart panel is easy to use, giving people quick access totheir most-used smart home products through a nearly 3-inch, wall-mountertablet-like device. The iSmart panel also enables you to control targets inconjunction with mesh gateway via wireless communication.



The HDL-MPE04-RF.18 iSmart panel is simple to use with four push buttons and central rotary dial with an integrated OLED display.


Floorheating controller

Fivepreset modes: day, night, away, time, and home

Currenttemperature display: internal and external

Supportsfive simultaneous control channels

Multi-keycontrol mode: scene, sequence, timer switch, universal switch, single channellighting control, broadcast scene, broadcast channel, shading control, GPRScontrol, panel control, security module, Z-audio control, universal control,link page, DALI area dimmer, RGB control, IR control, logic adjust, logicscene.


Adjustableled indicator adjustment

Supportsonline upgrades




Workingvoltage: 5V DC (from wireless power interface)

Powerconsumption: 64mA/5V DC

Wirelesstransmission power: +10dbm

Wirelesssensitivity: -90dbm

Indoorcommunication distance: 20m (barrier-free)

RSSI(Received Signal Strength Indication): >-80dbm

Factoryfrequency: Band, PSK (Suggestion: your setting

shouldnot be same as the factory setting)

Frequency allocation:

(China)WPAN: 780MHz to 786MHz

(Europe)SRD: 864MHz to 870MHz

(NorthAmerica): 904MHz to 928 MHz

Default band: 780MHz

DefaultPSK: HDL-SecurityKey0

Environmental Conditions:

Workingtemperature: -5℃~45℃

Workingrelative humidity: ≤90%

Storagetemperature: -20℃~60℃

Storagerelative humidity: ≤93%




Dimensions: 55.5mm×55.5mm×16.8mm

Net Weight: 30.3g

Housingmaterial: PC

Installation:Wireless power interface, wall box

Protectionrating(Compliant with EN60529) : IP20

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