KNX Tile Series 4 Buttons Panel A



HDL Tile comprises a series of intelligent control panels with push-button keypads, OLED multi-functional panels, socket panels with USB ports, and emergency button panels. Its rectangular or square buttons are just like little tiles paved on the surface. HDL Tile can keep the walls in a consistent and beautiful look while meeting various requirements of functionality

Flexible combinations for functionality.
The basic unit of Tile from HDL is a keypad or socket panel in the EU standard. You can use just one intelligent control panel if it meets your requirement, or combine multiple intelligent control panels to serve more functions in a specific area.

Premium quality with two materials.
Tile series includes two versions of different materials: metal and plastic. Each can give you a sense of premium quality, either with the refined sandblasting finishes on the metal one or the skin-like touch feeling on the plastic one.


  • Supports various types of control targets
  • Flexible combinations for required functions
  • RGB icon backlight
  • Customizable button icons
  • Users are allowed to set the colors of icon backlight
  • Available in two materials and four colors
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