Granite EU



Granite EU

The Granite Panels are made of the most regular shapes, rectangles. With careful calculation on the proportion of each rectangle stripe, we make these obvious shapes a unique piece of ornament that naturally fits into your home.

Instinctive experience
Most of the time, when we see a metal switch, we push it to control instead of touching it. So, we make it a push-button panel.

More intuitive, more beautiful
The status indicators and icon backlight on the Granite panels are RGB lights, which means the brightness can be dimmed to the level you want, and the colors can be changed to show different status. The icons on the panels just intuitively show you what to control. Compared to engraving words on the buttons, icons make the appearance more minimal and look better.


Premium metal finish

Natural and comfortable push feedback

RGB indicator and icon backlight

Able to adjust the brightness and color of indicator lights

Supports multiple targets

Arctic silver、Space gray、Rose gold

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