From check-in to check out, a hotel guest must only ever experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience.


Our solutions are designed to serve all types of business requirements.

  • ● Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses)
  • ● Recreational business sites
  • ● Entertainment (Gaming Zones, Clubs, etc)
  • ● Health and sports(Sports Complex, Gymnasiums, etc)
  • ● Travel & tourism
  • ● Art & culture
  • ● and any other type of customized business requirements.


Novista hospitality solutions help you realize your dream home and bring you more than a secure, convenient, and totally luxurious experience.

  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Environmental Management
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Unified Control
  • Presence Simulation
  • Surveillance
  • Door Locks
  • Emergency Button
  • Gas Detection
  • Smoke Detection

Novista connects your lights, curtains, air conditioners, and other devices into the HDL system,

We offer a wide range of automated control solutions for the following sectors:

Offices, Retail properties (houses, restaurants, and shopping malls, etc), industrial buildings (industrial parks, warehouses, manufacturing facilities), Multifamily properties, and any other type of requirements.

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